Fitting the AirFit F20

  1. Unclip the magnetic clips.

  2. With your patient holding the mask towards their face, slide the headgear over the back of their head.

  3. Reclip the magnetic clips.

  4. Once your patient’s headgear and mask are properly fitted, you can use the upper and lower headgear straps to help fine-tune their fit. This is also a good opportunity for your patient to reseat their cushion for comfort. When fitting is concluded, the cushion membrane should be fitting comfortably over your patient’s nasal bridge.

  5. For additional information on mask maintenance and care, you can also visit the Supporting your patients section

Sizing the AirFit F20

  1. To comfortably fit a broader range of patients, AirFit F20 features an entirely new cushion design. To make crosswalking your existing patients easier, we recommend using our sizing guide – included in each AirFit F20 box and specifically designed to help patients find the right fit.

  2. The arrow of your sizing guide should align with the top of your patient’s nasal bridge. The segment of the guide corresponding with the crease below your patient’s lower lip will indicate their best fit. If a patient falls between sizes, we recommend selecting a larger option for greater comfort.

  3. AirFit F20 has three cushion sizes – small, medium and large. The modular design of the AirFit F20 means each size cushion easily clicks into the same F20 mask frame.

  4. You can also download a copy of our sizing guide


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